My Favorite Fitness App.

 Conqueror Walking App.

the white cliffs of dover, stand over 300feet high over the blue English Channel, or Pas de Calais.

For my first challenge on my Conqueror Walking App, I chose to walk the English Channel.

Well technically I  may say that it is a virtual swim.

Or I could have walked through the Channel Tunnel dodging the trains.

You log into Conqueror, choose a walk, swim, or cycle ride and mileage you want to cover in a timeframe of your own liking, you can do the twenty-one mile Channel Crossing in one week or one year if you wish.  The timing is all yours.

You then link  your fitness device to your phone, Apple watch or Fitbit, then you walk, cycle or swim, whatever distance measured exercise you like, or you may convert exercises at the Gym through a simple set of conversion tables to complete your desired  goal.

One may run from Marathon to Athens, or walk the Appalcian Trail, stroll the Temples of Angkhor Wat or trek along the Great Wall of China.

Or even take on the adventure of the Hobbits and Journey from the Shire to Mordor itself.

As you journey you receive a virtual postcard from select spots along the way and your journey completed you receive a special, metal medal through the mail.  To help you celebrate your goal achieved.

To find a challenge for yourself and to receive a discount on your first adventurefollow he link below.This link is an affiliate link and I will receive a small discount on my own purchases of future adventures.  You receive 10% off your first purchased adventure.

Conqueror APP