Disclaimer of Interests

This blog is available to all at no charge.

In order to generate some income to fund maintainance of this blog I have included links to Amazon.com, Zazzle.com and Cafepress.com.
 There is also a link to my store on ETSY.com where I sell hand knitted items that I have made.
I (William Elliott) receive a commission on any completed sales generated by these links and banners.

There is no obligation to purchase any item nor is there an insistance by me (the author) that any viewer of this site must purchase any item or service provided by the advertisers shown on this site.

All reviews of products and services on this blog are my own personal opinions. I do not accept products for paid review. I have purchased the product or service with my own money and attempted to be unbiased in my reviews, looking at ease of use, general usefulness and value for money.

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