Thursday, February 9, 2023

My Income on 'Medium' Increased By 325%. Take my Challenge

 So on Monday February 6, 2023.  I got to monetize my posts  on the 'Medium' platform.

William wears a black stetson and a red shirt.  Take his challenge

That is just over two weeks since I first published a post over there in Mid January.

To monetize you need to gather 100 followers, and have posted one article within the past six months.

I actually posted around ten  articles one or two per day.

So I now have a challenge for you all.

Follow the My Challenge link.

Register for your free "Medium" Account and write.  Write on any subject you wish.  Gather 100 followers and monetize your posts.

Then watch your bank balance increase as people read your stories.

Earn more cash than I did in six weeks and I'll hail you a champion.

Easy.  Beat me I dare you.  I am blind and I got 135% in increased income in one night.

See My Challenge Here

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