Saturday, January 28, 2023

A New Writer On 'Medium'


William Elliott,  new writer on medium wears blue shirt and silver grey necktie

With the start of 2023,  I decided to take a look at the writing website 'Medium'.

I love writing,  I have written many articles both in my blogs and over on Quora,  the question and answer website.  At Quora I have had over 12 million views and have received over 1 million views per month in November and December 2022, and January 2023 has been equally well visited.

Now I have added 'Medium' to my portfolio.

'Medium' will be a place where I post general content.  Memoirs,  relationship and just material that I feel like writing on a particular day.  Not always blindness related,  though there is some guide dog material over there right now.

'Medium' has free material so you can follow the links to my 'Medium' profile and look at my stories.

'Medium' also has a built in text to speech reader,  so it is easy to click listen to a story and a pretty good screen reader will read the story to you.  Even good for the sighted who want to listen to blogs while on the go, possibly driving about town.

I hope that you might take a look at my posts over there.

Maybe consider following me there for more regular posts about anything I take to writing about.

Here is the link to my 'Medium Profile' again.

To see my Quora Profile and Posts click here.

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