Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Losing Weight: Adiet that Works Now Lost 91 Pounds.

 It has been a while now since I began to lose weight deliberately.

I began around Easter 2021, that was in April.  It is now the end of August 2022, about sixteen months later.

Before and After I lost ninety pounds

In April 2021, I weighed 375pounds and actually felt really sick most of the time.  I was also taking huge  doses of insulin.  Because  I was following doctors orders to eat several small meals per day, and take thirty units of insulin at each meal, I was over 200 units per day.  Eating high carb, to prevent low blood glucose crashes which happened daily and gaining weight.

In December 2020 I had been given a continuous glucose meter.  By April I was using it to monitor and assess my bodies reatcion to my food.  That diet was having me see-saw all over the place.

In April I heard of the Pegan diet, from a PBS infomercial.  So I bought and read the book. After reading the book which made sense to me.  I talked to my wife and she agreed to work with me in trying its ideas.

The basic summary is, eat good foods, lots of colorful vegetables and fruits, drink organic grass fed milk and use healthy fats such as butter, and olive oil, eat organic meats.

Avoid, sugar, did you know sugar has over two hundred names used on processed food packages in order to hide its presence in many foods.  Avoid processed food like substances whose ingrediant list reads like a chemistry experiment.  Avoid soda of all kinds.  I drink tea, coffee and sparkling water that is unflavored, just plain sparkling water or club soda if I am in a restaurant.

Within days of starting I was eating just three meals per day.  Instantly halving my daily insulin dosage.

I lost several pounds per week for a few weeks and then my weight loss slowed.

As I reduced my insulin over time, I also reduced the ammounts I was taking with each meal.  from thirty units to twenty-five then twenty so on down to tan units in the early months of 2022.  By June even five units saw my blood glucose unstable and crash so my doctor took me off insulin injections completely.

As my weight fell I was able to increase my exercise, taking on various virtual walking challenges from Conqueror walking challenges, see my favorite exercise apps in the link at the top of the page.  If you use that link you can receive money off your first virtual challenge.  

I now walk around six or seven miles per day.  Boosted by my desire to gain a new medal from my latest challenge.

As my diet progressed I found myself only wanting to eat one or two times per day.  I never feel hungry with the Pegan Diet.  So I also looked into intermittent fasting.

With intermittent fasting one might skip a meal or two or one may not eat a meal for one or more days.  I have not eaten for up to sixty hours, just because I have not been hungry.  

I found "The Obesity Code", by Dr. Jason Fung a very interesting read and it helped me understand alot about eating and health.

So with mixing up ideas like the Pegan Diet and intermittent fasting I get to late August 2022.

me on August 22, 2022 weighing 284 pounds.

At 284 pounds on August 22, 2022.  Having lost 91 pounds in seventeen months.  I reccomend The Pegan Diet and intermittent fasting as a good way to reduce weight and for type two diabetics a good way to lose the insulin.

Type one diabetics need insulin to live.

Insulin can make type two diabetes worse as it promotes insulin resistance, a major factor of type two diabetes.  Giving insulin to a type two diabetic, makes as much sense as giving an alcoholic whiskey to stop DT's.

Thanks for reading.

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