Monday, June 6, 2022

Completed the English Channel Walk.



I Did It In One Week! 

Here is the certificate to prove it!

Conqueror English Channel 21 mile challenge, completed June 6 2022.

I completed my attempt to walk 21 miles as logged by my Apple Watch and iPhone Health App on June 5, 2022.  I walked the 21 miles beginning on Sunday May 29, 2022.  I did walk every day but being blind I botched my data entry for two days last week.  Then I linked my Health app to the Conqueror Challenge app.

The apps communicate at about 7am Pacific Time, and so by 8am this morning June 6, 2022.  I received my certificate of completion.

As I completed the challenge so quickly I received a discount on my next challenge.    A good deal worth 15% for twenty-four hours, so it pays to have a next challenge planned.

I wanted to enrol for the Hadrian's Wall Challenge, 90 miles across England's  Northern border.  I hope to complete that by August 1, 2022.  Just over 50 days away.

We'll have to see how the completion medal looks for the English Channel.  I am not sure how soon that arrives but I have seen my wife's medal for the Dutch Flower walk and that is a nice medal.

If you would like to see what challenges Conqueror has available for you, follow my affiliate link below to get 10% off your first challenge.


Conqueror APP.

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