Thursday, October 7, 2021

Do You Think Guide Dogs Are Unethical Because They Can't Consent To Work?


William, wearing a yellow hat, black T shirt walking down a sandy path with Leif the Black Lab guide dog in harness on his left side.
I have worked with my Guide Dog Leif, a black Labrador Retriever for about eight years now.  That is him at my side in the photograph above.

My dog, loves to work. He let’s me know this because he comes to the front door with me, he eagerly stands while I put on his harness. He works well. While some may say, it is all he knows to do in order to get treats. Well yes he gets treats, he is groomed daily, I feed him, he is only a quick phone call from a 24 hour, 7 days per week veterinary service. This dog is pampered and doted on wherever he goes. If I badly treated my dog, I would be noticed by dozens of people. I am his support act, my neighbors ask after him before they ask about me.


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