Monday, October 11, 2021

Blindman in the Kitchen. A Voice Controlable Air Fryer

 I like to cook.

One of the things that I would really like is an air fryer, preferably one that is voice controlled or at least one that has an audible/voice touch screen.

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This air  fryer has a host of commands that you can access via either the Amazon Echo, aka Alexa, or a Google Home speaker.

The list of commands includes:

 Fryer " commands:
Alexa, preheat the "Air Fryer" to xxx degrees.
Alexa, air fry at xxx degrees for xx minutes.
Adjust the "Air Fryer"
Alexa, add xx minutes to the "Air Fryer".
Alexa, stop the "Air Fryer".
Alexa, pause the "Air Fryer".
Alexa, resume the "Air Fryer".
Check status of the "Air Fryer"
Alexa, is the "Air Fryer" on?
Alexa, what is the target temperature of the "Air Fryer"?
Alexa, when is the food done in the "Air Fryer"?

Of course here you will need to have an Amazon Alexa which are now very inexpensive.

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