Monday, April 26, 2021

The Pegan Diet: Two weeks In and How Do I feel?

 Two weeks ago today, I began to look into the Pegan Diet. A diet plan which brings together the Paleolithic diet and a vegan diet.

Leif, my black Labrador guide dog, wears a white bow tie around his neck

With the diet I hoped to bring down my use of pharmaceutical drugs and insulin.  Last week my cardiologist agreed that I could halve my dose of one of my heart medications and my endochrinologist said I could reduce my insulin dose by 20%. 

A big cut on the insulin front, I did not expect so soon but it seems to be working. My average blood glucose levels for the past week are below 160, a huge drop from the 300+ just three weeks ago.

I have been getting some very low blood glucose readings in the late afternoon. Hence the 20% cut in my insulin dose late last week, which has reduced the number of extreme lows while having little affect on my glucose levels throughout the day.

As of this morning I was full of energy.

A couple of weeks ago, my Monday would comprise of waking up. Checking my stock portfolios and making up buy and sell orders, have breakfast, sleep a while, sweep the kitchen and bathrooms, vacuum the living room, sleep, eat dinner, go to bed.

Not an exciting life.

Today, I woke at 5.30am. Checked my stocks and set my buy and sell orders. Brushed Leif, my guide dog, then we went for a walk, Leif in harness to refresh some of his training. We just walked around the block just over one mile. Getting back I made a cup of green tea, listened to a few podcasts while planning and writing on two of my blogs. vacuumed the living room and bedroom, swept the kitchen and cleaned the bathrooms. Had breakfast at noon, washed the dishes and began writing this blog.

Notice anything in that last part, compared to two weeks ago?

No naps or sleeping.

My energy levels are so much higher. I feel a more positive mental attitude. It is hard for me to believe in this rapid change.

Just the thought of wanting to walk around the block two weeks ago would have sent me to bed just to think about it, and put it on the to do sometime later list. Today I just did it. No problem. 

I am so happy that I found the Pegan Diet, it is simple. I already enjoyed the food, just needed a key to help me eat the food in the right ways that would enable me to come off some of the meds that I am taking. Now I know it works.

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