Thursday, April 29, 2021

The Pegan Diet: I Lost Twenty Pounds In 17 Days!

 I began the Pegan Diet just over two and a half weeks ago.

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At that time I was tipping my scales at 351 pounds,  that is just about 25 stones for those of you, like me used to old British weights.

Twenty-five stone! Well I never thought that I would need a weigh bridge to weigh myself but that is getting up there. I felt terrible of course. My doctors were saying get more exercise and take more insulin. My blood glucose was averaging over 350 and after meals often topping out around 480.

That is not a good place for anyone to be.


I took a deeper look into the Pegan diet mainly because I wanted to cut down on my medications. That began to work last week, just over one week into my new diet plan.


Last week my weight droped by about twelve pounds too. I put this down to water loss that you get at the beginning of any diet. Since some of my heart medications also have a diuretic affect loss of fluid is to be expected.


I did also change one of my drinking habits too. 


I love tea, black tea mostly which I take with milk and two artificial sweeteners. But I decided to just have two cups of black tea in the morning with my breakfast.


The rest of the day I drink green tea. I can drink this without milk or sweeteners, so reducing some of those sugars, in this case lactose. I find I also drink a lot less. In part because my blood glucose levels are now coming in at about 90 and green tea is refreshing. 


 For the last week my weight fell at just over one pound per day. I also found that I needed to put on a belt to hold up my shorts. It is getting warm here in California so shorts are much nicer to wear everyday.

Well imagine my surprise when this morning I went to weigh myself after stepping out of the shower and my scales said I weighed 328 pounds, that is about twenty three and a half stone.

A loss of about 22pounds in just over two weeks.

I am stunned by this. I am feeling great. No hunger pangs, no tiredness. In fact I have more energy, this morning I walked a mile to the local mailbox and a mile back home. No problem.

I can't remember when I felt this healthy.

I am not stopping the Pegan Diet yet, still want to get off a lot of those medications and have some weight to lose. It would be nice to get below 280 pounds, just twenty stone.

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