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Financial Independence for the Visually Impaired Part Five

 In November 2019 I opened a brokerage account to show how the blind and visually impaired can increase their income using dividend investing.

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By January 2020 I became aware of M1 Finance, a brokerage which allowed the purchase of fractional shares.

For those not familiar with investing in company stocks, fractional share investing means that you can purchase less than a whole share of stock. For instance if a whole share costs $100 you can buy $1 worth of stock meaning that you own one hundredth of a share, over time you can add to the stock at a few dollars per purchase. The price may go up and down over time but you will continue to own that fraction of stock in your portfolio.

I decided to move my portfolio into M1 in February 2020, a very good date to have made such a move. The portfolio has grown from $200 to just over $3,000 in fourteen months.

You can see my M1 Portfolio here.

In order to fund my M1 portfolio I transfer just $15 into the account every week. When my account reaches $25 M1 automatically buys stock in my portfolio of chosen stocks.

The stock  with the lowest value is bought in proportion to the saved percentage of allocation.

If I want to buy a particular stock I can purchase any of my chosen stocks as long as I buy at least $1 of stock.

While M1 only allows purchases and sales of stock once per day,At 9.30am in the free service, a second sale and purchase period around noon New York time is available in the premium version of M1 (Fee Payable).

I do not find a problem in only being able to buy and sell stock at the market opening as I want to build cash flow in this account rather than trade stocks.

As cash flow from dividends increases you can draw off cash if  you wishjust change the account settings to build up your cash reserve before it automatically re-invests your cash into stock or switch off auto re-investing altogether.

In just over one year  my account has returned over 30% in cash flow and 18% return in value. Helped of course because lots of the stocks were bought at last years lows through the Spring and Summer.

If you would like to open an M1 account, you will receive $30 when you open an account with just $100 using this link.

If you open an M1 account using my link I will receive a $30 introduction fee from M1 at no extra cost to you. 

Bonus if you open an M1 account you too can earn $30 bonuses for sharing your own links too.

Open an M1 Account Here

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