Saturday, February 6, 2021

Heart Surgery!

 What an end to 2020.

I had a heart attack in early December. Not a lot of fun to have in the midst of the upsurge in the pandemic.

William in Guide dogs for the blind cap and mask


The main cause of the heart attack was an 80% blockage of the right coronary artery.  For several days I had swelling in my legs, pain in my left side of my neck and jaw before my doctor sent me into hospital.

Of course the hospital was packed with corona virus patients and we heart patients we isolated in small rooms separate from those people. But it was still a cramped situation. 

My treatment involved being prepared for one procedure, only to be cancelled on the operating table when the surgeon heard that I had been given blood thinners only a few hours before the procedure.

Four days after the first procedure, was called off. I was prepared again. This time the procedures went ahead. In the first part the surgeon attempted to implant a STENT by going through my right wrist. This attempt failed. My vein clamped shut of its own accord and would not allow the instruments to pass. So the surgeon was forced to re-attempt the procedure through my groin.

This time it all went ahead and the STENT was placed in the blockage area.

Now almost two months later. I feel much better. It is strange how one gets used to feeling ill. I hardly noticed how sick I really felt until the problem was removed. Now I can walk about again. Leif my guide dog is getting out to work again and I am now feeling well enough to come back to blogging.

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