Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Almost Halloween 2020

Guide dog Leif sits near window, lit from behind. Though he is in full shadow his eyes reflect the flash from the camera making them glow brilliant white making him look ghostly or demonic

 Well, it's almost Halloween again. Time almost to prepare for a whole bunch of holidays. For us, Thanksgiving and Christmas and a New Year.

The photo to the right shows Leif, my black Labrador guide dog sitting in our kitchen. There is a brightly lit window behind him so we can see him almost only as a silohuette. My camera on my phone, set up this photograph with flash active and as Leif must have been looking straight back at the flash and camera lens, his eyes are reflecting the light of the flash back. His eyes are both glowing white. Quite spooky, and a bad photo technically, but at this time of year, I think pretty good.

Leif and I have been together for seven years now. We were introduced on October 21, 2013. He was about eighteen months old. 

He was then and is still a character. He grumbles a lot of the time. Will throw himself down with a loud "Hummph" Lie beside me as I write or work on my investments. Sometimes he might nudge me with his heavy black nose. A pat is required, or a belly rub. Just to make the bond good again.

This year has been hard for us. The virus and the lock downs make it difficult to go out. I often have to use Lyft or Uber, and many of the drivers don't take kindly to dogs, in spite of it being illegal to refuse us a ride. But I am not picking that fight, it's not worth the bother to me. We used to love riding the bus, but not now. We used to love walking around the local college campus, he always got a little pat from other students. But of course with the colleges and schools closed, we don't go there any more. I am not taking a class either, with the main reason for taking classes being to get out and mix socially, there is no point and my certification classes closed to me as I have heart and lung problems due to having suffered several heart attacks and lungs scarred with "Valley Fever" then a dose of Corona Virus could be pretty serious for me.


So all in all, 2020 has been a year of sitting at home. Watching Leif's muzzle start to gray.

There are a few gray hairs on his upper lip these days. A reminder that he is getting a year older. Wondering how long it will be before we decide to hang up his harness for the last time.

I must say he is still eager to work. When I pick up his leash and harness, rare occasions this year, he is there in front of me. Pushing his head through the leather chest harness. Padding impatiently beside the door eager to strut his stuff. 

We may go back to college in the Spring 2021 Semester. Maybe, if all goes well.

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