Wednesday, January 29, 2020

January 2020, A Month That Will Go Down in History

I am already tired of January 2020!

It all started so well. Was it really just one month ago that I was planning a great start to the year, new class, posting more regularly, working harder?
a colorful water color pattern, of mingling red, blue, green and yellows that make for a bright display.
A Colorful Pattern

Well class at school began well. The professor is accommodating. She even wanted to see where my problems lay with the online interface for my personal finance class. Ah! The online text book is full of ALT Text bugs so I cannot read the textbook online.

Then suddenly on January 21, I hit a full stop.


A pain in my chest.

A trip to the Emergency Room.

Chest X-Rays.

A blood clot blocking a coronary artery.

Blotches on my lungs. Cancer says the Doctor, no old, 14 year old Valley Fever Scars, say I.

Four days in the hospital arguing with the doctors, I have been through this all before many times. Its not cancer. No we need to do biopsies and tests, we cannot be sure.

No deal with the blood clot, not the old Valley fever scars.

It's cancer.

No it's not!

No it's not cancer the doctor finally says after four days. It would have helped if you had told us that you have had Valley Fever in the past.

What had I been doing for the past four days?

It took me one week to get home. I am exhausted. My old problem of antiphospholipid antibody syndrome has flared again. This time causing a clot in my heart.

Now my life is all up in the air again.

Nothing is set for the next month. More doctor visits, possible heart surgery. Probably that will not happen though the doctors were talking about it yesterday.

But right now, it is good to be home.

Tonight I won't be woken for yet another blood draw. Tonight I can eat a meal that tastes of something, rather than dine on nutrition.

Tonight I can drink a cup of tea when I want to, not just when my visitors smuggle one past the nurses station.

Tonight I can pat my dog and hug my wife.


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