Monday, December 9, 2019

Christmas is coming

A Yellow Labrador retriever puppy looks into the camera.
Yello Labrador Puppy
So it is now mid December and Christmas is coming. My semester at college is almost over. In fact this week sees the Final Exam of my "Introduction to Aging" class.

The class was a lot of hard work, especially in the form of mental work. I am now 58 years old and talk was of becoming old and retiring. Well it seems that I don't have a lot of time left. In fact if I am like the average American, What me an American? Yes I am now an American, well since December 2010 when I naturalized. I have just four working years ahead of me. Technically I can put myself on the heap of the old right now, over 55 puts me in the pool of possibly living in an old peoples community. NOT YET!

I will be certain of a "B" grade for the class. I have one hundred and fifty possible points on the final and for attendance left to earn and an 89% grade so far.

Over Christmas and New Year  my wife and I will get to care for one of our guide dog puppy raising clubs puppies. We have been volunteer puppy sitters for one year now. We have sat four puppies for about one month in total. This picture is of Royal, he was 11 weeks old in the Summer when we looked after him for eight days. He was cute, he loved to play tug with my Guide Dog, Leif, trouble with that for Leif, Royal thought that Leif's tail was the tug toy. Leif was stoic in his attitude. He just sat down and let little Royal pull and pull as much as he liked.

Then finally there is Christmas shopping. Being blind is no fun at Christmas. I had to get one of my wife's friends to buy my present for my wife, to be sure that I got the right item. Next I will buy my wife a gift card. This is a bluff, I get one every year  for her, but this year the main present is the gift her friend got for her.

Talking of Christmas gifts we have eight nieces and nephews to buy for. They are all under the age of six, so we have to think of them more individually, in previous years we have bought them pyjamas, now they are old enough to want toys in their Christmas stockings.

So there we are. The Christmas Season will soon be upon us. New Year will have its resolutions and we will see a whole new decade. What will the 2020's bring us? I don't know.

But I wish you all the best for the season. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and Decade.

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