Monday, April 15, 2019

What Organizations for the Blind Operate in your City or Region?

This blog is rapidly coming up to 100,000 views. So as a thank you I thought I would post you some organizations that may be able to help you as a blind or visually impaired person.

An eye looks out of thescreen. William Elliott a life with blindness looking out for you wherever you are.

Looking out for you!

If you are in the United States the two main organizations for the blind you should know of are:

National Federation of the Blind


A merican Council of the Blind     

  Both of the above organizations have groups in all fifty U.S. States and affiliate groups in most major cities and town across the United States. They are also a great resource for finding about new technology, getting training to adapt  to blind living and a source of social support for the visually impaired and their families.

I have asked friends from all over the world to send some details of blind organizations in their countries, regions, states so that you can find some resources more easily.

To find a resource that maybe could help you or if you know of a resource that may help others please feel free to post more resources in comments or 

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