Friday, April 12, 2019

Should Blind People in the U.S. Be excluded From "The Right To Bear Arms"?

Personally I used to shoot clay pigeon in the U.K. I was pretty good shooting at club and county levels. Of course then I could see.
Uncle Sam, thin bearded man, wearing cream colored top hat, with starred head band, blue coat and red and white striped waistcoat, pointing out of the picture towards you.
Uncle Sam didn't say "Blind People Don't Count."

Since coming to the United States, I have shot a couple of guns at the shooting range. Back in 2010 my wife bought me a gun safety lesson and time on a range as a birthday present. It was a handgun lesson and I really enjoyed the time spent shooting and was happy that I didn't miss the target.

A while ago I remember a President of a State affiliate to the National Federation of the Blind (NFB) being pictured in a Walmart buying a handgun, much to the annoyance of many people.

Those who complained said that a blind person with a handgun was just plain dangerous to "normal" people. But at the time I argued that since it was not specifically stated in the Second Amendment that a blind person did not have the "right to bear arms" and a gun being included in that classification that it was legal under the Constitution.

So a few days ago I thought I would pose this question on Quora, "Should Blind People  be Excluded  From "The Right to Bear Arms" Under The Second Amendment  of The United States Constitution?"


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