Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Do Blind People Ask to Feel Someone's Face So They Can See Them?

A few days ago I was asked on "Quora" if blind people like to feel peoples faces, so that they can "see" what someone looks like.
An eye wide open looks out of the screen at you.
"Let me feel your face so that I can see you"

I have seen such things in movies. But have  never come across such a thing in real life.

I think that the idea is some urban myth.

Or a plot created by some creepy people who maybe use an excuse of being blind in order to touch others in what I would consider a rather inappropriate manner.

Do you want someone feeling your face?

So why not take a look at my answer along with several other peoples opinions by following this link:

Read William Elliott's answer to Some movies show blind people being able to "see" someone's face by touching it. Is this true? Are you able to do this? on Quora

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