Sunday, March 17, 2019

The Power of Prayer

For some reason my recent journeys to college have included a prayer session.
A two floor building built of brick stands at the end of a long paved walkway lined with lawns and tall trees. In the foreground is a fountain of water.

A young woman at the college bus stop a couple of weeks ago saw me and  decided that I am in need of prayer. I am not sure if she is a student at the college, there are houses all around the campus. She is there at 3.30pm same time as me and Leif my guide dog.

It was Leif that first got her to speak to me. She asked if she could pet him, I try to say yes if we are not actually walking so she did stroke his head and shoulders.

The next time she was there she started to tell me about her church as she stroked Leif. Then asked if she could pray for a cure for me. I just shrugged, so she started right there and prayed over me.


Has someone ever prayed over you in the street? See what other disabled people say. Click here.

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