Sunday, February 10, 2019

Stopping Robot Callers

Over the last couple of years I have found the number of robot calls I was receiving on my cell phone to b
stop annoying robo-calls to your cell phone with you mail
Stop Robo Calls to your cellphone.
e increasingly annoying.

Last December I was receiving between eight and ten calls per day.

Some offering "Urgent prayer" on the light side of the spectrum to the downright threatening scam calls threatening me with a visit from the sherriff if I did not give them a few thousand dollars by providing them with my debit card details.

I had tried blocking the numbers after every call, but the scammers changed their telephone number several times a day and I would receive the same calls over and over again.

Early in January I heard about a free service called You Mail   

 You Mail is an app which runs on your cell phone. It checks incoming call numbers against it database of known spam callers instantly sending their robo-dialers an out of service signal. You Mail will also answer your incoming calls from your friends and contact list if you do not pick up the call.

The nice thing for me  is that You Mail will then transcribe any voicemail into an e-mail message for you. You can then read the e-mail using a screen reader like Siri on the iPhone.

There is of course two levels of service. Professional gives you more bells and whistles, but for me the free service is wonderful in itself. I have not had a robo-call or spam call for two weeks now. My wife loves that when  she calls and it goes to voicemail, my voicemail now addresses her by name. Much nicer than the old generic, please leave your name and number and I'll get back to you.

So if you are tired of robo-calls setting up You Mail took about thirty minutes. There are several codes to enter in response to e-mails. But it is free and well worth the effort as now I can get on with other things instead of answering spammers calls.

Take a look at You Mail Click here.

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