Friday, January 25, 2019

Don't Give Up

Over the past couple of days I have been researching some changes to my local bus routes which happened over the Christmas Holidays.

Some of the help I received could have been very dangerous for me to follow.

In this video I tell you about what happened to me. How by questioning the advice I was given and going out in the world I found my own answer to the problem of getting a bus to college was simpler, safer and more enjoyable than  any sighted person could believe.

Blind people have the resources they need to get on with  life so don't give up, there is a solution to your problem. You just need to not give up.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

A New School Semester

Last week I started a new semester at college. New classes mean new classmates and new rooms to learn the layout of.

I am generally not too nervous about taking new classes but one class I found particularly taxing on the first day.
Looking down a wide sidewalk towards a large stone building in the foreground there is a fountain. Trees line the sidewalk.
College Campus and Fountain

I generally like to get to the classroom in goode time. About thirty minutes before class start is ok. I like this fortwo reasons. One my classrooms are on the top floor of the building, I walk up the stairs to the room for exercise and the elevator is not the largest, Leif my guide dog and I can just squeeze in, God knows how wheelchair bound students manage. Secondly getting to class early eases my tendency to panic about being late.

Well, Leif and I were pushed out of the way as we joined the line to enter the classroom at the start of class. Normal behaviour I find for many of my fellow students at the beginning of a semester, or in the line for the bus.

After we had found our way into the room, I told Leif to find me a chair. He knows this command and does the job perfectly. In this case he led me to one of those desk chair combinations. Where the desk folds over your belly after you sit. Not my favorite style.

Well I began feeling my way around the chair, it was empty. When sudden someone shouted "You can't sit there!" and I felt the chair pulled away from under my hand.

"You need to sit over there." The voice said again.

I hate that phrase, over there. Over bloody where>? I always think to myself.

Anyway the teacher came over and directed me to a much nice seat. A desk with a seperate chair. Lots of room for Leif to stretch out.

The voice which had yelled out at me, cooed about how nice Leif looks I just nodded.

Later in the class my neighbor, the young woman who yelled at me. Quite emphatically told everyone in the class that she  is, "Totally sympathetic to the needs of the disabled and that I know what they need and want to work with them to support them."

Yes, Love. You definitely proved to me, that you have my best interests at heart. I thank you for your sympathy, which I do not need and ask that you gain some empathy, which would be of more use in your future.