Sunday, December 23, 2018

Christmas 2018

It is now just a few hours to go until Christmas Day.

Up until now, I have to say this year doesn't seem much to be like Christmas for me.

I am not really a party person. So am glad that actually I have no parties to go too. I have never really liked the false atmosphere of the "Office Party". One year, not too long ago I remember listening to colleagues at work to pick up clues for gifts in the months coming up to the holiday.

Leif a black labrador sits beside a man in a santa claus suit, red and white tunic, red trousers, black boots and belt and a long white beard.
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I bought items in mind of the things they had said they liked. One of them, I recall, upon receiving her gift, loudly proclaimed how she hated the item I had bought. She was going to  throw it away right there and then.

OK, a bad strategy on my part to get them something that they said they liked. Next year I  went to a charity website and bought a flock of sheep for villagers in Africa. I then  gave my colleagues each a thank you from  the charity, telling them how much the villagers from all over Africa would use their flocks of sheep.

Do you know what? She complained again.

So I came to my absolute policy. No Christmas presents at work. Mean of me? Yes. But I now gift the money to my favorite people and charity.

My wife and I went Christmas shopping Friday. I took my guide dog along too. He loved the crowded shops. He actually does love crowds. His pace picks up, he is on his toes as he weaves me through the crowd and of course he gets lots of treats for his  good work.

My wife had decided she wanted som everyday ear rings, not expensive ones, just for daily work wear. I also love to get her a gift card for her favorite  stores so after finding her several pairs of earings I had her take me to her favorite dress shop. There I bought her some gift cards to help her with her work wardrobe after Christmas, plus I got a bonus of $40 in free gift cards  as well. So she will have over $200 to spend come the after Christmas sales.

Together we have seen another year pass. I  thank you for reading my posts.

May I take this opportunity to wish you and your families a very Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.