Friday, February 23, 2018

Guide Dog Handlers Lament: A Poem by William Elliott

This Spring I am taking an English class in Creative Writing; learning how to write poetry.

Guide dog Leif in harness. Leif a black Labrador Retriever looks straight into the camera. His light brown eyes show clear and bright.
Guide Dog Leif

The class is for fun, it does give college credits but those are not my major goal, since I already have a Bachelors Degree in History and Political Science.

This class looks at mostly free form poetry, a form that does not need rhymes. Personally I quite like some rhymes but that is a matter of personal tase.

In my first poem for the class which received quite a good reception I took the example from my own life and created "The Guide Dog Handlers Lament."

Here is a link to my recording of my reading the poem added to some pictures of Leif, my guide dog.

Here is the poem for you to read if you want to read it on your screen. I have also provided a link below for those of you who may want to hear me reading the poem too.

Guide Dog Handler's Lament
An original poem by
William Elliott

I cannot see my dog's eyes
Those eyes that look for me
I cannot see those eyes that look from you to me.
I cannot see those eyes whose gaze sets me free.

I cannot see my dog's eyes
which look you up and down
I cannot see those eyes
you say that love me so.

But I must trust those eyes
to lead me where I must go.

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