Thursday, February 15, 2018

Blindside Fresno: Aps Blind People Use

This month 'Blindside Fresno' took a look at aps blind and visually impaired people use on their smart phone and tablets.
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So wait a minute. Shouldn't that be aps for blind people to use. Well no, not really. These are aps blind people actually use, aps for shopping, aps for entertainment, aps that make life easy, and they are not only for blind people.

We blind and visually impaired folk may use our smart phones for blind people stuff,  but you might be surprised how many aps designed for everyday use by the sighted world are accessible and useful to the blind.

Take the example of Facetime. It may be a face to face service that allows you to talk to someone, but how about calling a friend or relative to help you search for a package left in your yard, or asking them to check your make-up before you leave home. These are examples of uses of face time t
alked about in the show.

To see more, follow the link below.

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