Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Apree Cataract Surgery

We are now fifteen days after my cataract surgery. Things have really changed for me.

The good news is I can now read the eye chart two lines lower than I could one month ago. In December my vision in my right eye allowed me to read to the 2300 line. This last Monday I was able to read to the 2100 line. Technically that would take me from Legally Blind to a not legally blind status, if I had full vision in the right eye.
a photograph of my right eye by william elliott the eye is blue/grey in color this eye was operated on for a cataract in january 2018
My Right Eye is my  Good Eye

As it is I have only about 30% vision in that eye anyway so I am still legally blind but as my doctor says "competant at scanning and so able to construct the eye chart."

I am now able to see shapes at lower levels of lighting. So I can make out doors in the darker hallways of colleege. Useful, particularly where students push hard on opening doors swinging them out into the corridor where I am walking. I have a sore nose where one door whacked me hard on the left side of my face a week ago.

There is also a nice touch of color in my life again. Gone is the grey smutted cloud.  Now I can see yellows, some blues and reds again. This is a great addition to my arsenal. Food actually looks appetizing again.

It's true what chef's and cooks say. Food does taste better when you get to eat with your eyes in the first place.

So the bad news about the surgery?

Well I had hoped that I might be able to get behind the camera again. But at the moment the lack of central vision just means  that I cannot make sense of the world  in visual terms outside my right extreme visually.  If we were standing face to face I could not see you. To see your face I would need to look over your right shoulder. By the way that is a great parlour game to play with a sighted person. They cannot help themselves and keep moving into your eyeline, so if you do it for long enough you can lead them in quite a dance!

Try it.

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