Friday, November 3, 2017

CMAC Producer of the Year 2017

Last evening Community Media Access Collaborative (CMAC) here in Fresno held it's annual celebration CMAC Fest. The  event is a community party, bands, local breweries and food trucks and tucked in there an awards ceremony.

William stands beside window holding CMAC Producer of the year 2017 award in his left hand.
William Elliott Holding Award
My wife and I like to attend the event. A chance to meet friends and fellow members and volunteers to hear about their projects and just keep up to date.

I was not expecting anything special to happen. But as we walked through the studio building  my wife and I were stopped by the membership co-ordinator and told to make sure we sat close to the stage. Normally I would sit away from the stage where conversation is easier and the music less loud. But sit by the stage we did. This part of the party was also the most crowded being closer to the lines for drinks and the food trucks with their delicious fare.

The awards portion followed the first band. First to be called was the award for Producer of the Yearr 2017, The winning show being 'Blindside Fresno' the winning producers being my wife and I. I was stunned, like a rabbit in a cars headlamps I wandered up to the stage. A great surprise for the evening, the clear perspex award is engraved with the CMAC logo and Producer of the Year 2017 and our names.

I am absolutely delighted to receive this award.  It is not just for us though the award I feel is also for all those great volunteers who have made the show over the past two years and also for all of our wonderful guests.