Sunday, October 29, 2017


Wow Folks!

It is almost Halloween. Where in Hec did this year go?

This week will also see the forth anniversary of me and Leif, my gui
Leif sits in kitchen silohuetted against window as flash in camera makes his eyes glow white.
Leif looks like a Devil Dog
de dog graduating from Guide Dogs for the Blind in San Rafael, California. November 2 2013 was a big day in our lives and we have been together almost twenty-four hours per day for almost every day since. The days we were not together I was in hospital. Not a nice reason to be apart.

It will be Halloween on Tuesday. I don't generally buy any treats for kids these days. Not out of meaness, there are not too many kids live in this area. I have spent tens of dollards in the past on chocolate only to find myself with bags of snickers and milky ways left in my fridge.

I don't eat much chocolate, I used to own a sweet shop and if any one thing can tire you of the desire of eating chocolate, owning a sweet shop with chocolate on hand twenty four hours a day can cure you of that desire very quickly.

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