Monday, August 14, 2017

Summer's Long Lease

Hello again everyone. It's been a while  since my last post on this blog.

Way back before Summer's long lease had run. Now as the days draw in my mind can look back over a Summer of travel.
Stars and Stripes flag waves over Williams Arizona
Star and Stripes flying over Williams Arizona

My wife and I, along with my guide dog Leif took a roadtrip across two thirds  of the United States, a journey of over 6,000 miles across fifteen stsates, crossed the mighty Mississippi river into Wisconsin and Illinois. Visited many members of my wife's family whom I had never met in Iowa, saw giant statues, lookeed into big holes in the ground at the Grand Canyon and Meteor Crater. Gawped open mouthed at giant statues on the Dakota plains and marvelled at Mount Rushmore. Walked in the footseps of pioneers and cowboys. Were amazed at the vastness of the Great Salt Lake and Boneville Salt flats and walked on snow  in the high Sierras of California in July.

Every American should take a trip like this one. If only to get a measure of the size of this country. As we travelled we had only one ground rule which we never broke. Never eat at a place where we could eat at when we got home. So no McDonalds, No Burger King no Taco Bell or Applebees. So as we travelled we ate New Mexican flavors in New Mexico, German food in St. Joseph Missouri. Also amazing Wisconsin fried cheese curds. I ask you what is not to like about fried cheese. YUM!

At the California and Oregon Trail Museum in Montpelier Idaho we got a personally guided tour of the museum by a group of docents. It was a quiet day and they had time to describe items for me as we walked around the galleries. Then we took a simulated journey on their wagon train reconstructing the journey from Independence Missouri to Montpelier arriving on the very same spot where thousands of pioneers had arrived in the days of wagon trains and prarie schooners.

Over the next few weeks I plan to include more posts about the trip. But for now I will just say it was a nice road trip but it is even nicer to be home.

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