Saturday, June 17, 2017

Where Is 'Blindside Fresno?"

You may be wondering what has happened to "Blindside Fresno". Well we have been off the air since February for a couple of reasons.

William Elliott, producer of Blindside Fresno behind the camera in the television studio during a recording
Behind the scenes at 'Blindside Fresno'
First, we had some problems arranging guest interviews. Our guests were in such demand that we had to cancel several recordings.

Also we planned some interviews with local puppy raisers for guide dogs for the blind. Well their puppies were coming towards the end of their training and were recalled to finish their training at the Guide Dogs for the Blind facility.

Add to this a busy end to the school year for our host and it was just a lot of balls to juggle in order to get the programs ready.

Well this next few days will see us back in the studio again to record some new programs.

We will be trying a new idea in this series, instead of a traditional interview we will include some sketches showing common frustrations of blind people.  So for instance the "Good Samaritan" who insists on helping, whther you need help or not. The person who thinks that blindness is a form of deafness and so shouts at you loudly and very S L O W L Y.

Our local puppy raisers also have some new puppies in training so we will take a look at the work of puppy raisers. These people are unsung heroes for me. Giving their time and love to our guide dogs in their most formative months.

We will also look at parenting by blind or low vision parents from the point of children. We have some interviews with adult children of families where at least one parent was blind or visually impaired. That promises to be an interesting program to compliment our interviews with blind moms shown in the last series.

All our programs from series one are still available on You Tube

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