Friday, March 10, 2017

Visiting a Trade Show and Conference

I have spent the past two days visiting the ACM West Region Conference and Trade Show here in my home town of Fresno, California.
The studio of Blindside Fresno, the host and guest silohuetted against a light blue background, in the foreground the silohuette of a camera and the floor director in headphones talks to the control room crew.
In the Studio For Blindside Fresno

The show is for access media providers, and it has been great fun to get out and about in new company for a few days.

Today will see the last day of the conference and also the presentation of the WAVE Awards. Blindside Fresno is up for one of the awards tonigh so wish me luck there.

In the past I have only visited on conference, as a delegate for my local chapter of California Council of the Blind.

This conference is very different, apart from the constant bumping into other conference goers, and the walk by sniffings of guide dogs especially around the buffet tables.

This conference is so much more relaxed and therefore fun. I am guessing this is for my part because at the CCB conference I was a newbie delegate. I didn't know what the hell I was doing there, I had a shopping list of must do items to report on which meant I was on duty from 6am  until bedtime at 2am. Here I will only have spent about twenty-six hours on duty at the conference over the three days. Much easier. Plus the conference is here in the city where I live so at night I am coming home to my own bed. Much nicer than even the best hotel.

Leif my guide dog is really enjoying the work. He has a spring in his step that has been lacking in recent months. I know he gets bored with regular routes and though he does perk up when people stop us to ask questions, these interactions are not as stimulating for him as working a room of moving people and the hope of getting that piece of roast beef off the floor under the buffet table.

Some of the most exciting talk at the conference has been about sharing of programming. From my point of view as a producer this is great news. I create programs to be seen by a wide audience. Though my program is titled for a specific locality, I think 'Blindside Fresno' has lots of universal interest for people who want to know about blindness, technology, and also the lives of the blind and visually impaired.

So today the conference closes. The awards will be awarded and what will I take away from it all? A great experience. Everyone should take in a conference or two in their lives. It is just fun to meet people who share ideas. Not just ideas that you have opinions on. But ideas that expand your horizons. Ideas that make you question possibilities. Ideas that encourage new ways of thinking.

Wish me luck for the WAVE awards tonight.

Thank you.

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