Tuesday, March 14, 2017

2017 WAVE Award

Last Friday, March 10, was a pretty exciting day. I attended the final day of the Western Media Access Conference. Learned lots of stuff especially about social media.

William Elliott, smiling holds the certificate recognizing 'Blindside Fresno' as a finalist and runner up in the WAVE awards 2017.
William Elliott after receiving Runner-up Award Certificate
Later that evening was the Western Access Video Excellence (WAVE) Award ceremony. The event was televised by CMAC the local media access group that I have been a member of for over one year now.

'Blindside Fresno' was a finalist in the very first category of programs, a non professional producer of disability awareness programming.  Non-professional meaning that I as the producer do not earn my living as a television producer.

There were three finalists, myself, a production from La Velle University in Los Angeles and a program produced by a local High School here in Fresno also nominated by CMAC.

Things  went by so quickly, I hardly heard my name mentioned as the nominees were named, than the winner was up on stage giving his thanks. The program from La Velle had won.

Their program covered the life of a quadraplegic, who has raised thousands of dollars for others like himself injured in car accidents.

In all there were forty-one categories and all had to be announced in a little under ninety minutes. There were not really any long speeches. Thank you's were the main order of the evening and it was a very enjoyable experience.

At the end of the evening those of us who had been selected as finalists were awarded our runner-up certificates.

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