Tuesday, January 31, 2017

January, February

The really difficult thing about this time of year is that it is so often dull and grey.
An eye looks out of the picture. Close up of my eye.
Looking at Grey Days is Tiring

With the dull grey skies of recent weeks has come a dullness in my brain. It is difficult to go out and about. I need some contrast in my days. Bright light is sometimes painful, but it brings shadows and bright patches.

Grey thick clouds, grey sidewalks, grey bare trees, grey winter grass and grey news just brings me lots of long days of unispired nothing much.

This time  living in Fresno reminds me very much like living in England.

We have had lots of rain this month, the skies have been heavy and grey for a month or more. I cannot say that today's break with sunshine has not opened up my life again.

February is due to open with more rain again on Thursday and Friday. But tomorrow also brings February. February is nearly March with the promise of brighter and longer days. The move to Daylight Savings Time and then later , after a few weeks, heat. Damn heat which withers the soul.

Living in California is not all beach and fun.

It is not that cold, we don't have to march through snow drifts, worry about tornados, hurricanes or much other than drought and fire, with the occasional foot massage for our cows in the form of an earthquake.

This February also marks the thirteenth year of asking my wife to marry me. Thirteen years. No I didn't ask on Valentines Day. I was going too, but nerves made me ask earlier on my visit. I had it all planned to ask over dinner on a President's Day vacation. Valentines Day was in the middle and it seemed so right to ask at the dinner. But knowing I would get nervous on the days running up to the day and wondering what if she said no? I asked on the first night of that trip.

That way, less nerves, less fear and if she said no. I could always go back home to England a few days early.

Well she actually said yes. Thirteen years later here I am looking at another anniversary.

The greyness now suddenly seems less grey.

Thank you.

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