Friday, January 20, 2017

Blindside Fresno A Finalist

You may have read a short while ago that 'Blindside Fresno' program two, An Interview with Nathan Romo, was nominated for  prestigious television award.

A view of the blindside fresno studio during recording. Two people are silohuetted against a back drop and sitting at a table, to the front left is a member of the studio crew wearing headphones and a camera.
In the Studio of Blindside Fresno

This program was nominated for a Western Access Video Excellence Award, also know as a WAVE Award.

The WAVE awards are annual celebrations of television created by independent producers across the Western United States. This year the awards will be celebrated in our home town of Fresno, California and 'Blindside Fresno' has been named a finalist for one of the categories in this years award.

The awards are announced in early March 2017 and I will keep you updated as to how the program does. As it stands there are three finalists and so we are assured at least third place.

To see the program and WAVE Award finalist go to our YouTube channel following this link:

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