Monday, December 5, 2016

In The Studio: Members Only'

One of the regular features of Community Media Access Collaborative (CMAC) is a monthly program called 'Members Only.'
William Elliott looks into the camera on far left of image over his left shoulder we can see a studio set both in the back ground and in the television camera viewfinder. On set 'Members Only' at CMAC Frsno California.
As a Camera operator on 'Members Only' November 2015

This program is recorded by each class as they finish their studio training. One year ago I completed my studio training and worked on Episode 10 of 'Members Only' as a camera operator.

Last week on November 30 I was at the studio to record another episode of 'Members Only' this time as one of the guest producers.

The show was great fun. I was the second guest on the show. In some ways this is the easiest guest to be. All the initial nerves of the crew are easing. They know what to do. The host has warmed up and you have had some time to think about possible answers to the questions asked of the fguests.

I spent the first part of the show sat off camera to oneside. This allowed me to be miked up and ready to slip into the guests chair at the interval.

My heart was racing pretty fast when I heard Johnny Pessina, the host, draw the first interview to a close and the two minute call went up for the commercial break.

That was my cue to walk over to the guest chair. Knees a tremble  and take my place  beside Johnny.

Then there was a final check of the microphone, no loose leads, battery lights good, a few brief words with Johnny, then the music from the public service announcements faded and Johnny began his introduction for my shows; 'Blindside Fresno' an 'Remember, Remember'

Off we go.

Take a look at Episode 21 of 'Members Only' by following the link below.

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