Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Blindside Fresno Explains the Guide Dog Application Process

For the first program of 2017. I decided to take Blindside Fresno behind the scenes of an application for a guide dog with Guide Dogs for the Blind in San Rafael, California.

The crew take a break for a photo on the set of Blindside Fresno. Standing at back, Left to Right Rene Gomez, 'Ace Manelski, Steve Manelski and Darcie Elliott: seated and at front Left to right, Guide Dog Leif and William Elliott
Full Crew of Blindside Fresno program 7 Back Left to right: Rene Gomez; 'Ace Manelski; Steve Manelski ; Darcie Elliott, front and seated: Guide Dog Leif and William Elliott

I did talk about my application experieence as it occurred back in 2012-3 on this blog. Those posts are still available to read, just search the blog for guide dog.

This 'Blindside Fresno' will be program number seven. We have gone back to the one on one chat, Darcie Elliott ( a.k.a. my wife ) hosts the show. I also had a good crew, Rene Gomez and Steve Manelski on cameras and Steve's son "Ace" in control room as an amazing 3 in 1 Director; Technical Director and Audio Engineer

Applying for a guide dog can be a long process, for me it took a year. So in this program I decided to just concentrate on the application process, what you need to consider when applying, what materials, paperwork you need to have at hand to complete your application.

We also talk a little about what preparations you should consider making. One of my main goals was to increase my general fitness for walking. You do have a lot of walking to do in those couple of weeks training.

Then we talk a little about the preparation that the dog has gone through to get to be offered as your partner. We will do another program from the point of view of puppy raisers later in the year.

This was a fun show to create. I would like to thank Steve and his son "Ace" for taking their time to help out on Blindside Fresno. They produce and introduce the program  Valley Veterans Forum  follow the link to see their program page at CMAC.

I also want to thank Rene Gomez producer of  The Luiz Gomez Show for his help with the program. Just follow the link to see his producer page at CMAC

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