Tuesday, December 13, 2016

'Blindside Fresno': Adaptive Technology Gifts

For several months, Nathan Romo, Tom Randall and I had been talking about creating a workshop where we introduced people to various items of adaptive technology.
Guests from left to right; Tom Randall, William Elliott, Nathan Romo, sit behind a desk topped by a blue table cloth. Darcie Elliott Host sits to far right on this sixth edition of Blindside Fresno
Blindside Fresno: Left to Right; Tom Randall, William Elliott, Nathan Romo and Darcie Elliott (Host)

As you all probably know most adaptive  technology is pretty expensive. You often can't open your wallet for under $1,000. But we aimed to open ou wallets for less than that. We eventually came up with a price framework of $50 or less, $ 150 or less and over $150.

We didn't ever manage to create the talk for somewhere like our local libraries, but we did put the idea into practice for program 6 of 'Blindside Fresno' Adaptive Technology Giftts for the Blind and Visually Impaired.

We looked at a range of items varying in price from just a few dollars for a Liquid Level Alarm  through Safe earphones   that allow you to use your phone safely in traffic to  hot air fryers   and Talking Barcode Readers

So take a look at our Gadgets for the blind and visually impaired by following this link to YouTube.


Or Take a look at our Amazon Store

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