Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

This Thanksgiving is a pretty tough one.

Caduseus staff, a winged staff wrapped with two serpents.
Caduseus: Symbol of the Medical Profession

I have Bronchitis. Since last Saturday afternoon when I started with a burning in my lungs as I breathed, and progressed to a cough all night Sunday and about twenty hours of sleep on Monday afternoon until Tuesday lunchtime.

Now my breathing has eased a lot. My ribs feel raw though and I did not get to do all the work that I had planned for this week already.

One bad thing about being self employed is having to do the work as and when planned. Whether or not you feel  well enough to do it. Well this week the work did not get done and I feel pretty bad about that today. Having missed my deadlines I am out of my comfort zone. I had planned a few things that could only really go out this week. Now those items are not really worth working on.

I never like feeling sick at the  best of times but this week I just didn't need to feel as sick as I did.

Talk about frustration.

One thing I am glad about though is I couldn't get in to see my doctor. Of course being Thanksgiving he was fully booked and the earliest I could see him with a scheduled appointment was December 5.

I was happy enough to say to myself that I will be ok by then and going by how much happier I am today I think that will work out fine. He would of course would have prescribed anti-biotics, those would have worked on the cough and I would have not had a cough. But then I could be open for a host of other malardy's this season. After all I will be going into crowds of people. As stores fill and the Christmas crush begins in it's fullest fury.

All those people wanting to push past me, pet my dog, or just sneeze all over me, to spread the joy of their colds.

Going into this season with no defences after taking a dose of anti-biotics is no dream of mine. So now. My body is fully armed with bacteria killing anti-bodies, I am naturally recovered from a bad cold and ready to get back to work for myself again.

That is something that I am thankful for this Thanksgiving.

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