Thursday, November 3, 2016

Congratulations To The Chicago Cubs

Baseball is a strange game to me. I just don't understand the game. I have seen a few real life games, going down to my local teams ballpark. But on the whole I prefer football. My team is the Chicago Bears.
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As a Bears fan I know real pain. I know what it is to hope for a win, and the seeming promise of "next year." So it was with great surprise a few weeks ago that I learned of the coming World Series teams histories.

I even included a "What do you mean the Cubs are in the World Series?" "No you can't be right the Cubs, don't do the World Series!"

The Cubs it seems do as well with big games as their neighbors, the Bears.  We both share a pain.

So last Sunday with my in laws visiting I sat down to watch the "Indians" win the World Series. They were in the lead  just one win and they would send more pain towards Chicago. All they needed was a win to take the series four games to one.

But then the Cubs, did something. Well, surprising. They won at Wrigley Field! They would live to take the game back to  Indian Territory. To lose on Tuesday, but at least the fans would have the memory of a glorious victory to remember for next year.

Then again on Tuesday, now I was glued to my television set from the National anthem to the last ball. What the Indians lost. Well of course the game plan must be get the fans to pay more for those seventh game tickets tomorrow night. The Indians can't lose three in a row, not against the Cubs.

Well the seventh game came around. Wednesday night. Within minutes I was on the phone to my wife. The Cubs are up and just got a Home run! I screamed down the phone.

It was minutes into a game that would have me on a rollercoaster ride of emotion. The Cubs shut out the Indians, got a few more runs. The Indians hit back, hard nearly tied the game by the fourth inning. Then the Cubs pulled away again.

"Oh God! The Cubs are going to do a Bears on us. Drag defeat from the jaws of victory."

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The Indians hit back again, scores level. One inning left.

The Cubs are all out! The Indians are going to win. "No! Please?"

"They're out "How can they do  this to me?"

"What's happening on the Field?" "What do you mean it has been raining a while and there is a belt of heavvy rain coming?" "You didn't tell me about any rain!"

They're back. "Please, Please. God I will do anything. Let the Cubs get a Run, or load the bases and get a home run would be even better!"

They got one! They got Two!

Out No!

"Oh God. Don't let the Indians come back. " One out.  Two out.

No. They just got first!" "Please God! Just one more OUT!"

Yes. Oh thank you God. The Cubs Won. They won. This is next year. It is time.

Congratulations to the Chicago Cubs. I didn't see you win with my eyes. I am not even a fan, but you took me from pain to ecstacy in just a few minutes this week.

Thank you and congratulations on winning the World Series 2016.

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