Friday, October 14, 2016

Blindside Fresno: Blind Parenting

The next 'Blindside Fresno' program will air next Tuesday on Community Media Access Collaborative (CMAC). The scheduled airtime is 7pm PDT on Tuesday October 18, 2016.

Interviewees: Debbie Flowers; Sarah Harris and Hostess Darcie Elliott on Right sit beside a table covered in a rich blue cloth, behind them a blue backdrop and in front of the table is a vase of white flowers. A screenshot of the recording of blindside fresno.
Blindside Fresno Program 4 Left to Right Debbie, Sarah, Darcie

The program is the first part of a two part show about being a mom coping with vision loss and raising children. Our guests Debbie Flowers and Sarah Harris are both experienced moms.

Debbie has three children, she has a degenerative eye condition that though she could see as a child meant increasing vision loss as she grew up. Her vision deteriorated rapidly at the same time as she was raising her children.
Sarah on the other hand lost her sight suddenly in a motor vehicle accident. A few months after the accident she learned she was pregnant with her now twelve year old daughter.

So both women have a different experience in raising children while coping with blindness. They talk frankly about family attitudes to their having children and also the reaction of others in society. While raising children is hard work, they also discuss the funny side of parenting sighted children.

One question answered in these two programs is how can grocery shopping suddenly become so much more expensive when a blind mom takes her sighted child to the grocery store?

The scope of this program was so broad that I decided that we had enough material for two complete programs. This program is the first half, the second program will be shown in November.

As always CMAC will air the show first then the show will be available on my YouTube Channel  or  Blindside Fresno Playlist

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