Friday, September 2, 2016

DeRoyal Liquid Level Indicator Review

I have used several liquid level alarms since I began to loose my vision. Liquid level alarms are simple devices, in basic terms they are two copper wires, which hang over the rim of your cup, mug or glass attached to a buzzer or vibrator and a usually 9volt battery.

When the liquid being poured into the glass or mug reaches the two copper wires a circuit is created and electricity from the battery is allowed to flow, triggering the buzzer or vibrator.

The major problem I have found with the buzzer type alarms is that they are very, very loud. Designers seem to equate blindness with deafness.

Since the buzzer sounds at full volume immediately I often find myself 'jumping' with surprise. The act of jumping then makes me spill very hot liquid onto the worktop. Exactly the situation I mostly wanted to avoid.

So I turned to this model,: The

DeRoyal Vibrating 2 Level Liquid Indicator

The DeRoyal Vibrating Liquid Level Indicator  is much easier on the ears and makes me jump less, it basically clatters against the side of the mug or glass as the level of the liquid reaches the two copper prongs.

I would recommend this product to anyone who doesn't want a fire alarm like sound everytime they pour a cup of coffee or  pour a glass of water.

 Thank you for using this amazon affiliate link to see the DeRoyal Liquid Level Indicator.

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