Monday, September 12, 2016

Blindside Fresno Program 3 Scheduled to Broadcast

I am pleased to say program three of 'Blindside Fresno' is scheduled to broadcast shortly.

We see Yvonne Schwemmer, voice over actress, in the recording booth headphones on head, reading from Olivia Ostergaard's book "Looking at the Unseen.
Yvonne Schwemmer Working in the Voice Over Booth during Recording

The first airing of the program, "Blindside Fresno: An Interview with Olivia Ostergaard' will be September 13 at 8:00pm PDT.

The program is an interview with author Olivia Ostergaard, and she talks about her life with low vision and how she came to write her book, "Looking at the Unseen". The book tells of her story  and how she came to work with her guide dog, named Fenway, a black labrador retriever.

A small portion of the book was read by voice over actress, Yvonne Schwemmer, , we can see Yvonne in the photograph above working in the voice-over  sound booth at CMAC.

You can watch the program by following this link, Blindside Fresno: Interview with Olivia Ostergaard, Author At your local time  equvalent to 8:00pm  Pacific Daylight Time  Then follow the links on the CMAC website to watch.

Alternatively, this program will be available to watch on my Youtube channel sometime Wednesday September 14. I will post a link to that as soon as the program is available.

The book is available on and all good booksellers. It is available both in paperback and amazon Kindle.

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