Monday, September 12, 2016

'Blindside Fresno' Gets a Website

Well Sunday was a long day in the Elliott household. I had hoped to watch some football, the first
Title image from my television series, Blindside Fresno
Blindside Fresno Logo
Sunday of the season after all. But then my itchy fingers got to me. Sitting beside a TV was not going to work, so up I got, went to my computer and decided to buy a website for 'Blindside Fresno.'

It seems that everyone today has a website, except me that is. Yes I blog here, but I never had a whole website to myself, owned domain etc.

Setting up the website was pretty easy at first, I bought a domain, then created hosting with Hostgator.

Having done all of that, I tried to log in to create my website. Arrrggggh, then the frustration hit as my browser refused to let me find my website. I didn't realise that it takes several hours for a website to actually set uup before the promised "You'll be posting in minutes" actually happen.

But anyway, after a chat with technical support, thanks Ali at Host Gator, things went well and a full ten hours after first creating the website, a couple of posts were up and I turned my attention to starting to link back to it to help it proliferate a little more in the search engines.

Take a look at the new website and if you like it then share it to your friends and followers.

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