Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Working on other Productions at CMAC

the CMAC building in downtown Fresno Ca. Used to be the office of the Fresno Bee Newspaper.
CMAC Studio- Former Fresno Bee Office
I don't spend all of my time at CMAC (Community Media Access Collaborative ) in downtown Fresno, just working on my own projects.

Though it is fun to create my own programs, the most fun comes from collaborating with other producers and members on creating their programs.

I spend about eight hours per week these days at the CMAC studio. Most of that time is spent working on programs that are not my own. I may only spend about ten hours per month at CMAC working on my own projects, that is divided between editing and recording 'Blindside Fresno' or any specials that I am working on.

One of my most regular volunteer jobs is to work on CMAC 'n' Live.

CMAC 'n' Live is a music show recorded on Monday evenings at two week intervals. I have worked on several of the shows since January, my latest collaboration was last Monday.

The show is actually two shows, the first part is rather like a rehearsal, but recorded. Artists perform their material, mostly songs. Then at 7pm the program actually goes live on air. This is old style television in the raw and very exciting for everyone. We try our best to minimize mistakes, which occassionally do creep in, but look at an old recording of a live show from the sixties, sets wobbled, actors forgot their lines and cameras appeared on screen along with the sometimes comical appearance of "Mike" on the jib. We rarely have too many problems outside a performer yawning on a close-up or a camera going live in the middle of a crytical  focus.

This week the shows guests were a local Bluegrass Band called 'Kornbred'. Here is a link to the show I hope that you might like to listen and share the link.


Bluegrass Collections on


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