Monday, August 15, 2016

Going to the Movies

In 2013 I wrote about going to the movies and using audio description facilities provided in many modern cinemas. To read that  post follow this link To read Movies 2013

all set up for a shoot in the studio and behind a camera.
In the studio
I do go to the cinema pretty regularly. Leif, my guide dog loves the movies too but mainly for the dropped popcorn on the floor rather than the artistic quality of cinematography.

It is an escape for me. I can go and get involved in a story. My one problem though is still that  I can never be assured that the person in customer service knows how to set up the audio description headset. Time and time again over the last three years I have had this conversation.

Me: Can I have the audio description headset please.

Customer Service: Sure. Closed caption?

Me: No. The audio description tells me what is happening on the screen.

Customer Service: So you can read the words on the screen?

Me: No. That's the wrong setting. I am blind.

Customer Service: I see. OK. Well this should be the right setting.

With this they hand me a little black box hardly bigger than a pack of chewing gum and Leif and I wander off to the screen. I am wondering if the conversation worked and the person in Customer Service actually did set things up right.

Three years ago I would have to wait until the movie started to find out. Get it right and I was in heaven. Get it wrong and I had the dilema of whether to trudge back to customer service and go through all the script again, or just sit out the movie, complain and get a free ticket for my next movie. I often just opted for the later.

Now, thanks to audio described advertisements I sometimes get to find out before the movie. Of course I never really know if the ad was audio described until the movie has started and I have no audio description. But audio described ads shorten my anxiety no end.

It is interesting that it is advertisers who have made this move to audio description. Movie trailers are not audio described. But the add to let me know that concessions in the foyer have Coca Cola is. Of course the aim is now to make me trudge back to the concessions in the foyer to buy a coke, I am not going to do that with a popcorn stuffing guide dog weaving down the hall too soon.

But my relief at now pretty well knowing if I am going to have a free movie ticket in my pocket as I go home  means that I can enjoy the movie in peace.

Until the person behind me starts dropping their popcorn over the floor, that is.

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