Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Chess Revisited

When I was young at Secondary School, the British equivelent to High School in the United States, I was a chess player. I was not a great player but was regularly on the school chess team.

Pawn, Rook or Castle, knight, bishop, queen and king from a classic Staunton competition style chess set.
A Staunton Chess Set

I also played on and off throughout my early adulthood, owning one of the early chess computers which looked more like a clunky pocket calculator and had a display which told me the letter and number of the squares to move a piece. I got so good at using that chess computer I could even play and sometimes win without even using a board.

When I lost most of my vision about six years ago, I gave up playing chess, I never thought I would play again. Sad but not surprising. But then my wife spotted thisTravel Chess Set for the Blind and Visually Impaired on amazon.

I was excited to receive this little chess set. It seems a little fragile at first but the pieces are robust and the board is clearly divided for blind and low vision players.

I can play at my hearts content and I am finding new excitement for a game I once played as a young man.

Take a look at this nice little chess board and other chess boards on amazon. You may find yourself a nice hobby.



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