Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Why Does My Doctor Want Me To Be a Professional Patient?

A few weeks ago I was forced to take on a new General Practitioner doctor.

I had gone for a year working with my several specialists, I was very happy with all of them, over the last few years I had at one time accumulated over 14 doctors of all kinds, from eye doctors to foot doctors and all parts seemed to be covered.
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You might say that if going to see doctors was a card game, for me it would be a game of Happy Families",  and I was never going to get a winning hand because I could not get a gynacologist on my team, without some extreme alterations!

Well back in April I had a spell in hospital and the medics there were very shocked that I didn't have a general practiccioner on my back. So reluctantly I plodded off to find one and signed up.

Since then I have been amazed at all the action he has thrown my way. He is already adding three more specialists on my team. I have appointments all day for several weeks in advance and he is quite happy to almost require me to have a permanent seat at the blood test center.

I don't get this attitude. Why in the world would a doctor think it ok, just because I have ok insurance that I can spend all my days visiting doctor after doctor? After all if I do just that I will not have any insurance.

Plus with all of the advice these new doctors give me, my head is in a spin as I cannot follow one doctors advice without contradicting the advice of at least one other.

So Why does my Doctor seem to think it ok to make me a professional patient?

I cannot live for ever, I cannot do as  every doctor tells me. Adding doctor after doctor only adds to my stress as does the thought of the battle I will have with any one of them, when I try to explain why I took the advice of another and disregarded their advice.

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