Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Primaries Are Here

William Elliott delivers a speech from behind the Presidential Podium at the Ronald Reagan Museum in California.
William Elliott Behind the Presidents Podium.

Well  today, Tuesday June 7, 2016 is a big day for me.

No I am not running for President, nor am I President of anything, though the photo left may suggest otherwise.

Today the Primaries come to California, and several other states too.

But today is the first time I actually get to vote in a Primary. I am so excited. Though I have voted in a Presidential Election before in 2012, I didn't get a vote in a primary because there was no Primary for either party that year all candidates being knocked out of the running in the previous months.

This year however I get a primary to vote in. Yipppeee.

There are also lots of local positions up for election too. County supervisors, city mayor, a new senator to choose for the November race and a local council spot.

Coming from Britain where voting is pretty simple, pick your candidate and vote for them and forget. Voting in the United States is not for the faint hearted, there are numerous motions on a ballot, lots of positions are sorted by election and then an election may not decide a winner this tern just move a candidate forward for an election later in the year. Plus the biggest difference you can write in the name of any person who you  feel may be a good candidate, and if enough people write in the same person, Mickey Mouse need not apply, then they may be elected to that post.

The choices are mind boggling but in the end it all works out.

I already have my shopping list of candidates ready.

So off to the polls with me.

If you have the ability to vote in any election. I strongly urge you to use your vote. A vote is only wasted if you don't use it.

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