Sunday, June 12, 2016

Meanwhile: Back in the Television Newsroom

Regular readers of this blog may remember that at the end of 2015 I took classes in Television production at a local public service television studio and in March I produced and recorded a pilot for a series called "Blindside Fresno". To read the post about that day in the studio go to this page "Blindside Fresno" in the studio.

We see banks of monitors and the Director's desks as "Blindside Fresno" is recorded in the television studio
In the "blindside Fresno" Control Room

Well you may be wondering what has happened to the show?

Has it got lost?

Did it air?

Well the production is still going ahead.

I had a meeting with the editor and he is working on some items to finish off.  I was sad to find that he had only just got around to balancing sound levels on the recording, no titles had been added to the program and no credits at the end either. He cited being busy, but at three months and counting I was not happy.

Working with volunteers is hard, there is little leverage for me to bring to bear, after all I cannot fine him for late delivery, I cannot do much other than to take the project away, but then I am cutting off my nose to spite my face. Time lost already cannot be made up. So we agreed another week for him to bring me something.

Meanwhile I can use this time to find someone else to work on future projects.

I am looking at returning to the studio in the next few weeks to work on further editions of "Blindside Fresno".  This will give us some extra programs in readiness to go once the initial pilot is prepared.

Life as a television producer is not easy. But I must say it is lots of fun. Coming up with ideas, building a team then seeing a project through is very much what I enjoy. Even when things don't exactly go to plan.

But in the meantime, here is an edition of CMAC 'n' Live which I worked on as a camera operator a few weeks ago.


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