Sunday, June 26, 2016

Blindside Fresno: The Final Countdown

The saga of the pilot edition of my new television program, is now drawing to a close.

A few days ago I received a copy of my editors final cut of the program. I have to say at this point that it looks great.

The logo is white on a black background, the words Blindside Fresno take the center while to the right is an outline image of an eye complete with eyelids looking off to the right.
The Opening Title LOGo of "Blindside Fresno"
To the left is the logo which will appear in the programs title. I was very pleased with this design created by my editor Kiko Romero.

In other parts he has edited down the time of the program to just about 30 minutes.

He also added captions for names, the technical terms for these graphics are "Lower Thirds" since they usually appear in the lower third of the screen during the program.

We also found some light music with which to liven up the titles, which apart from the logo contain images from my own collection. Guide Dogs, images of downtown Fresno. In all the work put in has been tremendous and I am very happy with the results.

The next step will be to submit the program for broadcast. This involves some paperwork and giving CMAC a copy of the program to upload and transmit.

The station plans its schedule about two weeks in advance so as I will be submitting tomorrow we will be lookingg at a broadcast date at least around July 14.

I will post more details of the broadcast date and time. Anyone can then view the program in the Fresno-Clovis areas on Comcast or AT&T Uverse channels or anyone with a good internet connection will be able to view it at the time of broadcast on CMAC's own website CMAC Website

Following the first broadcast by CMAC the program will be available onMy YouTube Channel.

So keep a look out over the next few days for the latest news about my new television program, 'Blindside Fresno'.

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