Friday, June 17, 2016

ACB "Spotlight On ..." A Described Video

For many blind or visually impaired people the road to the workplace is guarded by a persistantly Red stoplight.
The Stoplight of Blind Unemployment
or many blind and visually impaired people, long term unemployment or under employment is a reality.

Rates of unemployment are extremely high, and this is not just because of any economic downturn or lack of motivation on the art of the blind and visually impaired. 70% of visually impaired and blind are unemployed in good or bad economic times.

This is not because we as a group are unemployable, we can do many things a sighted person can do. We just do things differently.

It takes courage and insight, forgive the pun, for an employer to see beyond our blindness. Sadly it is all to easy to dismiss a blind or visually impaired person as incapable.

This ACB video talks about the problem.

Please share this video maybe you could help an employer see that blindness is merely a inconvenience and not a reason to throw us on a scrap heap.

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